Friday, August 25, 2006

Hello fish :)

Well some lovely person has put up a rather long comment on my "Huh?" post from yesterday.

Thanks "fish" for your comment.

I have to say your thoughts probably encapsulate nearly all the personal self-help development literature ever made available! :)

I do wonder though, exactly what its doing on that particular post! As valuable as the information is... it's kind of in the wrong place don'tchya think? ;)

At first I thought it was a spam comment you know - (all comments get moderated via my email before I allow them to be viewed here), but on reflection, it IS valuable "advice" which many of us could heed, so I have allowed it to come through.

But "fish"! It'd be great if you could put this somewhere more public you know!

If you are on about being self-confident - then don't hide your wisdom under a Mitch's "Huh?" - it makes it rather hard for people to find that way.

Thanks for taking the time to say your piece all the same. :)


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