Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The written laws of attraction.

Not chemical or physical but here on the internet in text!

What "makes" a blog, an article, a writer, a stranger become interesting and attractive through the power of written language alone?

Without any physical presence what makes a person become likeable, not likeable, beautiful, interesting, strange, weird, cute, adorable, indifferent or hateful just based on the words they use in written communications here on the internet or in print?

I am intrigued. I find it incredibly interesting to note that attraction despite the lack of all that physical chemistry stuff can exist here in cyberspace where there is no real physical dimension at all. Relationships between people on the internet are quite different in a dimensional sense to relationships in the world we actually live in. And yet... there are qualities that are the same. Touch for example: we can't touch a person we know in cyberspace physically and yet we can touch them deeply in their heart, mind, soul and emotional self. It IS esoteric for sure what I'm saying here but it is still potent and important to understanding the dynamics of human relationships I think.

On the internet, the world is very much a text based world. Despite the burgeoning popularity of audio and visual content, the internet is inherently a text based construct and will remain so for some time to come. There is something fundamentally absorbing about the text-based relationships we form here. There is attraction at work, similar to how it works in the physical world. The question I'm asking here is why should that be so? Why should text - writing - create that strong sense of bonding or not when it is merely...writing? There is no smell, no chemistry, no physical touch, no real face, body or corporeal entity other than what is expressed through words on the screen!

It isn't always about "good" writing either. Sure! There may be a power inherent in the technical skill of writing text that is fluent, easy to understand and meaningful and which naturally "attracts". Marketers and advertisers are excellent and creating this kind of tricky alluring attraction through words. However, I think there is something more going on here. There is something more to the power of text based language than I first thought. An ability to create an aura of attractiveness about the person writing.

I personally find a lot of the unspoken energy of a person in the way they write. Their persona is present - their voice if you will - is intrinsically and identifiably evident in the words they use and how they use them.

Spelling is moot here; good technical construction of sentences, paragraphs and content are also moot here to a point, [It is still important to be clear about what is being written]. But, the essence of personal character and spirit is still evident despite these things. It is still communication but without the noise of the physical world attached. Weirdly, I sometimes find that this textual identity can communicate more profoundly and succinctly the true inner man/woman than perhaps if I was trying to engage with them in the real world, but of course that is almost impossible to answer as fact. :)

It is more than the message they deliver - it is themselves! The quality and essence of who they are as persons hidden between the lines, the words and the message, but still there all the same. Its still important to be clear about what we are saying here in this text-based world but it may be less difficult to be "got" perhaps.

And the attraction for certain people and their writings on the net here are as individual as if meeting in meatspace. What attracts me about a writer may not attract you and vice versa. We may even be attracted by different things about that writer from the same piece of writing. I know for certain that I have been "instantly" attracted to certain people whilst never having met them in the flesh but sensing something wonderful in them just on the basis of their written words alone. By the same token, there have been other writers for whom it has taken me time to "warm" to and others again whom I have difficulty understanding, if at all.

It is just like being in the physical world really, the same laws of attraction apply except that it IS different too! In the physical world, attraction is a heady mix of body language, beauty, allure, physique and then mind, soul, thought and emotion. Here in cyberspace, it seems that mind, soul, emotion, thought and idea, bring the beauty and the allure. It's an entirely different modality of interpretation. Attractiveness therefore need not be physical but it IS about the essence and soul of a person and that truth exists in both worlds.

So, it seems to me that attraction can exist even in mere text without ever meeting in the flesh and I find this very intriguing and interesting. It adds a layer to the human communication and relationship dimension I had never considered until now.


Alexys Fairfield said...


I find that I am attracted to blogs that convey candor and keen strotytelling that paints a picture. It gives me a snapshot of the Soul writing it. We don't have to see a physical presence, but we feel it through the words and images evoked by the writer. Our shells have disappeared to communicate on a most intimate level. Even though we can't reach out and touch, we can convey meaningful tangibilites of our lives. We are Souls reaching out to other Souls embracing our experiences on earth. It's a such a beautiful phenonmenon to touch, to feel to be in sync, to venture outside the walls that bind us. A blog is a window to the Soul.

This is definitely a gorgeously stimulating post. It's profundity makes me tingle all over. It SINGS! It ROCKS! It is AWESOME LIKE YOU!

Thank you for the journey.

Michelle said...


You are so sweet! :)

Thanks for your encouragement Alexys. :)


EM Sky said...

Hi, Mitch! I'm on the blog again, see! :)

And in perfect timing too. I love this post, especially this bit about energies: "I personally find a lot of the unspoken energy of a person in the way they write. Their persona is present - their voice if you will - is intrinsically and identifiably evident in the words they use and how they use them."

I feel the same way. When reading someone else's work, I get so much about who they are and how they approach the world, just by reading their words on the "page."

Your own beautiful soul just shines through Mitch - in both your energy and your dynamic writing. Thanks so much for sharing your energy with us, and thanks so much for sticking with me, personally. Your comments have been a real light in my life and a source of faith--I'm not exaggerating. You have offered me your encouragement and your friendship, and though I have exchanged letters with you in cyberspace, I have failed to support you in your own blogging adventures.

I'll be keeping up with you here from now on!


Michelle said...

em! *sniff* Thankyou - what a lovely thing to say.

I "never" really expect people to comment here but it totally rocks when they do. :) It's even better when the comments come from new-found friends. :)

Many thanks for swinging by here and reading my stuff. One day I hope I can come close to the clarity and insight you possess in your own blogging m'dear. :)