Thursday, July 27, 2006

Psychic bonds and all that you know.

I'm not entirely convinced of some of the "psychic" mumbo-jumbo out there in spirituality land.

Anyone who "says" they have a psychic power is - in my world view - something of deluded nutter. However I am prepared to very wrong on this of course :)

I would LOVE to have a psychic power! It would be so cool to be able "communicate" with loved ones on that "silent" level. Imagine out shopping and you've forotten your shopping list and so you send a "message" to your loved ones at home who reciprocate by remotely "telling" you what you need to buy??? hahaha - It would be a whole lot cheaper than a mobile phone call that's for sure! ;)

For all that though I DO think there is a KIND of psychic bond available to people and it belongs in the realm of a very deep and abiding love.

When we love another person deeply and unconditionally, we can, I believe, generate a kind of psychic "connection" between each other to the point that we begin to understand without words or traditional modes of communication what each is feeling, thinking and doing at any given moment in time. Its not so much about "talking" directly to another mind but more about a kind of instinctive "knowing" another mind and having that same kind of energy reciprocated.

My mum was really good at this. She loved us kids so well and yet never cloistered us to the point of suffocation and yet she seemed to "know" things about us that we could never have expressed in words. She picked up on these words, themes and actions and made instinctive connections that have been positively and freakishly accurate over the years.

It doesn't happen so much anymore! I guess we have "moved" on a little in our adulthood from all that. But the evidence here for me is that there IS a kind of psychic power available in the human realm that is most definitely real.

Its about love! A bond of love so powerful that it travels into new dimensions of emotion and thought. Its a bond that transcends the human dimension and goes straight to the spiritual heart of us as persons.

It is rare too. It isn't easy to find that kind of connection with another. We are often "blocked" in this power I believe, by our own selfish need and desire for gratification at all costs. There is love but no connection, no entente or passion. It's as if the wires are crossed and the stereo is switched onto mono mode instead.

But when that deep, loving and extraordinary connection exists, there is emotional pull and power beyond belief :) It is psychic in its expression and it totally rocks!


EM Sky said...

I actually do believe in psychic abilities, although I don't seem to be personally gifted in that way. (Much like I believe in people who can look at a whole pile of matches and instantly tell you how many there are, even though I couldn't do that either.)

But I love what you're saying about these deeper spiritual connections. Because we all have access to the mystical powers of love if we're willing to embrace it wholeheartedly, as you say--even those of us who are otherwise psychic deaf mutes. And I think we all have access to intuitive guidance from a higher place when we really need it.

Michelle said...

Although I am suspicious of the "psychics" who charge mega-bucks for phone call "consultations" - I am open to the possibilities of there being a "gift" in some people to "know" things they couldn't know.

I've personally never met a real psychic (other than my mum and she doesn't really count in this instance - her gift was quite different really :))... and I too don't appear to have that ability - which given my curiosity about everything - that is probably a good thing really! haha :)

thanks for your reply em.

May that "higher power" guide your own intuition when you really need it.


bradford said...

like Illusions (by Bach) you can just appreciate the stories and maybe relaxing the belief will release abilities

Michelle said...

Hi bradford.

many thanks for leaving your thoughts. Muchly appreciated.



boxfullofhoney said...

Well it is occuring between My Love and I...Last night I knew when he got home, and the fact that he needed to blow his nose. and we are 8-10 hours apart and chat through IM's. He started it...he described my tatto with out seeing it.

Marlene said...

I dont claim to be psychic but I learned long ago I can bond with one person I care deeply for. Was always accidental and it hurts like hell if they get hurt or have chronic pain. Now I can do it or break it at will but it took years to learn. Its not something you just can do, there has to be a deep connection to that person or the bond wont form. I have other gifts Im not all that trusting to share with strangers, email me if you have any questions, be happy to answer them.