Monday, July 24, 2006

Ask a Ninja

Oh my!

For some reason - and not even I can fathom why - but this little gem made me howl with laughter until tears streamed from my eyes!

Ask A Ninja about Love

A good laugh never did anyone any harm - except perhaps for some slightly stiff tummy muscles the next morning ;)


EM Sky said...

Mitch -

OMG this is hilarious. Steven and I watched two videos before we had to stop. (He's home sick today and laughing was making him cough, lol!) The other one we watched was this one on Ninja Decisions. Too funny!

Thanks for the link!

- EM

Michelle said...


Glad you liked it.

I can only watch a couple at a time too - or else I have to be helped up off the floor by the kids! ;)