Friday, May 12, 2006

Life is a box of WHAT?


I don't think so.

Not today anyway.

Some days, life is basically garden manure and today was "one of those days".

So... I'm trying to find my sense of humour under all the humus. It's going to take some finding but I think I will manage to get some sense of the bigger picture back by Monday. I'm ever the hopeful one.

Besides, if I can't laugh at the non-sensical stupidity of this life I lead sometimes, then that's going to make anything I say here, from here on in, sound just little bit hollow. I'd like more integrity than that in expressing my inner bean, I can assure you.

I really DO believe in the possibilities of a future with a positive spin on it no matter what happens today that is less choc-coated than on other days. I will always be a half-glass-full girl despite days where I am wondering who gulped down the top half of my glass without my knowledge!

Okay. So I'm breathing deep and sucking in the JOY! Yes! That's what I need to do: breathe in deep and say aloud...

"I am happy and healthy and I am NOT going to go completely blind!"

Repeat all weekend for maximum benefits.


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