Saturday, May 13, 2006

That little drawing...

I was musing again today about how I came by the name for my Genius.

It was all in this picture.

Drawing ones "Genius" is one of the exercises in Dick Richards book Is Your Genius At Work. There are multiple exercises in this book which will help you discover your own Genius, and everyone finds clarity at some point on the journey. For me it was in this little sketch.

Now if you'll please excuse the fact that I have absolutely no ability in drawing, this piece of "art" actually turned out to be key to the defining moment when I KNEW what I was about.

I drew very quickly of course, without any clear idea what I even wanted to draw. I just let it come out of me so to speak.

It started with two rough circles, then the smiles and the eyes and then the hands with that big black blob tying them together in the middle. I put the legs on these little people just so they looked a bit more like people I suppose, but they were pretty much irrelevant.

I studied this picture for quite awhile and each time I kept noticing that little black blob in the middle.

That was the key. I knew that this was where it mattered most to me. This is what I do and what I want to do. I don't know I'm doing it half the time but I'm always filtering life through this thing to make it happen. I use every available skill I own in the range of human endeavour to bring it about through language, commmunication, thought, idea, body, soul, belief and values.

I am looking to build that sense of cohesion between myself and another. The Ties that Bind. Stuck on You. Secret Handshakes between friends. Mutual admiration. It's all that and more.

I guess this is why I can come across as being scary for some people who don't understand what I'm about. It appears as if I want to "entrap" them in my grasp but I don't really; I just want the feeling of trust, love, friendship and harmony to be mutual. It's ME who feels incredibly frustrated when it's not.

Of course, from there I toured Roget's Thesaurus to find the best word that summed all of this up. That word was "coherence". From there it was almost easy to find the gerund to precede it. I couldn't build a house if I tried but I am about construction processes, particularly "building up" people. I'm an Encourager, par excellence, and I will do everything within my power to make you FEEL good about yourself just because I really, really want to. :)

It's been an extraordinary journey this discovery of my Genius. My husband only commented last night that he was quite blown away by the "change" in me of late. I smile at that. I have ALWAYS been about "Constructing Coherence" - I just didn't know it at the time!

Now that I do, I guess I'm more in tune with my desire to do what I do naturally best in this world. It's all quite obvious in hindsight.

One of the most noticable outcomes for me of late has been that I can look people in the eye a lot more confidently. I thought I was reasonably confident before all this, but apparently not. Now that I know better who I am, I'm able to understand and accept people for who they are more easily, instead of perceiving myself through what I think they're thinking of me (and if you can work that sentence out - you're doing really well baby! LOL).

Anyway, I'm still learning new things everyday about all this Genius stuff and it thrills me no end to find the blooming buds of new growth in my spirit as a result of the process.

I encourage anyone who has not yet done this search for their own Genius to get a hold of the book and have a go at the exercises. If you get stuck, pop on over to the The Genius Workshop and some really lovely people will be only too willing to help you track it down. :)

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