Thursday, May 04, 2006

Dreaming awake.

This is how I feel today.

Like the world of dreams has escaped its night-time cage and is encroaching into my day-time.

It's probably that I just need an eye checkup! Perhaps! I DO feel as if I've not gotten enough sleep!

Still, I can't help feeling that life has taken on the morphing, fluid construct of Dream at the moment.

Today I literally feel the world around me is flexing and contorting with that subconscious wierdness of the dream-like state. Where things are there but not and pieces of things are being anachronistically aligned in odd juxtapositions. Things don't quite "fit" today. There is flow - too much flow even - everything feels strangely moveable and unfettered.

Perhaps it was the Jonny Walker I drank last night? But then it was only a little glass! (So smooth, so smoky, so much clean fire on ice - crumbs! I do enjoy a good Scotch! :p)

There is this entity inside me today that doesn't quite know where to put it's feet. Where to tread first into the day.

I got some space in my head last night with a good GTD review process so why should it be that this morning - I feel a bit... well... like seaweed under waves? Undulating under the fluid nature of waters power!

It's like I'm being transported by something outside of reality, like there's this unspoken force carrying me toward a Charybdis or a waterfall! To who knows what!

It's quite the most bizarre sensation! *scratches head in wonder*

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