Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Coherence in The Review.

(See this article for the drill on Getting Things Done:The Weekly Review by David Allen)

Aaaahhh! Sweet! :)

I finally got around to doing a weekly review today! *bounces around room ecstatically*

My "weekly" reviews have been a source of frustration for me in this whole Getting Things Done utility.

My "system" isn't perfect and I have let it lapse these past couple of months with the temporary change in my lifestyle. Slowly, I'm regaining my stride again and reaquainting myself with my PDA as life picks up pace once more. I think I have pretty much gotten a handle on the whole context to-do list thing and the calendar etc. .... I think!

Weekly Review, however, is a whole other animal!

I procrastinate on having to THINK about my current work. It's like just setting the time aside to go through and deal with my stuff is too mundane and a little bit pedestrian. I make excuses for not doing reviews. I know it's not that difficult really - it's just.... blech!

But! (There is always a "But!") when I DO do a review of all my current commitments, I find I am more calm - more completed in some way. It's as if my mind is able to sweep away those nagging little isotopes of "Things" inside my head and clear the psychic table of all the clutter.

There is NOTHING more wonderful and satisfying as an uncluttered space! I like spaces that are clean lines, symmetry, ordered calm; and apart from a set of bookshelves or two (a necessity in any space in my personal opinion ;)), I am more content within when the spaces around me aren't gunked up with crap!

So I have space in my head at last! Not dumb space; not empty space but space in which to just be, create or do! A calm knowing that all is well and will get done eventually as is needful.

I need to remember this sensation! I need to remember that there is definite coherence across all the muddled complexities of my life when I take time to think it all through and get it out of my brain and into my PDA ready for that synchronised moment in time and place when it's required.

Constructing that particular kind of coherence is where I really need to do some work. I have to find a structured way of integrating the Review process into my life that doesn't have that "blech!" quality about it. I have to identify just what it is that takes the process from "ho hum!" to "Yeah! Let's do that!".

Somehow, I have to get creative with this!

Okay! So I'll go put this on the project list now! :D

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