Wednesday, May 03, 2006

A cup of tea and a piece of toast...

Good morning. :)

It's quiet here at present. Will need to get the kids up shortly so they can get ready for school.

I have never been a "morning" person before, but since I started on the whole GTD journey 12 months ago, I have found I rather like being up early now.

I like this ephemeral peace in the loungeroom in the wee hours at dawn. It's become a comforting time, a peaceful time of reverie and thought - a time to catch up on favourite blogs, emails, reading, and simple pleasures such as a cup of tea that stays hot to the last sip.

I'm still a little shell-shocked from my encounter with yesterday So much emotional energy, so much heaven (and too much hell) in one day is actually very exhausting for this particular corporeal body. I still feel the remnants of that incredible bliss but there is that pain too of knowing that a friend is suffering just too much. I keep needing to sound off to God about that.

Toast is ready... kettle is hot. It's time to put aside the psychic reverberations of emotional reverie from yesterday and be practical today. It's time to integrate the mind and body to the mundane, in situ, processing of necessary data. It's "bill-paying" day! *sigh* :)


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