Saturday, April 29, 2006

Danger! Will Robinson!


I'm just trying some on some "Associative Thinking".

Like clues from a mystery novel - these words decided to make a brief and intriguing appearance inside my mind just as I went to type some "thoughts" into this blog!

They have subsequently led to me to a brief jaunt around the internet to find articles and ideas on the nature of thinking itself!

I love that about the internet! You can instantly Google up a plethora of information about any subject you choose to investigate.

Sure! You DO need a certain ability to hone basic critical thinking skills into this mix - after all, there is some mightily "wierd" and really "out there" stuff here in cyberspace (this blog notwithstanding! ;)); but on the whole, if you look carefully, you can find a lot that is worthy of absorbing into the psyche and that old grey file drawer of mind.

Thinking! We all do it! Some of us are inclined to think in linear "just the facts ma'am" kinds of ways and others of us are inclined - like myself - to think in associations and "maybe it's like this" kinds of ways.

Even disparate geographies generally think "differently" than each other, which to me explains a whole lot about why we tend to misunderstand our neighbours so much!

I like thinking. I like that other people think and have different opinions and although we, ALL of us, are inclined to assume that ours is the BEST available conclusion to the thinking, it's nice that perspective and idea, philosophy and ideology are not too simple or easy to understand. It's in the process, of discovering each other that we find the greatest and most pleasant rewards of community.

There'd be no point in trying to develop entente between people if we couldn't practise thinking differently about each other and thereby increase our flexibility for compassion and identification with each other too.

So Will Robinson! There is a danger in thinking too narrowly about life and there is a danger in thinking too little about life; but there is a major danger in not really thinking through anything at all!

Life isn't all reaction - it's pre-meditation too - and THAT is where all beautiful thinking, no matter if its creative thinking, critical thinking or cognitive thinking, becomes very important indeedy!

Think beautiful thoughts today little one and be happy. :)

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