Friday, April 28, 2006

The art of my spouse!

My husband is an artist.

He sculpts raw ingredients and shapes them into form and coherent structure. The results are a synergistic experience in taste, texture, colour, and form.

His sculptures are yummy! :)

See this picture?

This is what my husband makes nearly every day. Consistently, day in and day out, my husband creates these taste sensations that satisfy that deepest of human needs - hunger!

For over 20 years - 16 of those in our own business - he has demonstrated a zeal for excellence in the quality of his work that I have yet to see in many others. He is is adamant, passionate about creating product that is the same yesterday as it is today, as it will be tomorrow.

He is happiest in the process of his work, in its intrinsic rhythm and pattern. Once he has decided and practised that which is the BEST way to make it come to pass - then he is not easily swayed from that path.

He is brilliant! A quiet, steady regular hand in a world where form and product are ever changing, morphing into new shapes, tastes and possibilities. He constructs a solid foundation of familiarity with what is consistently and beautifully perfect - every single bite.

My husband is an artist! One of the best there is because he feeds peoples need for simple gratification, through the consistent (and persistent), excellence of his work.


saussie said...

He is a true artiste Michelle!

Michelle said...

Thanks Saussie! He is indeedy! :)