Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Chasing Muse in the genius' playground

I've been "helping" someone else find the name for their own genius.

Oh My giddy aunt! What a ride it's been.

Super intense, super energising (for me anyway) and super FUN!

Martin Spernau lives far away from me but we've been engaged via email in one of the most involved and incredibly interesting conversations I think I've ever had with a "stranger".

We are not so "strangers" anymore except for the fact that we've shared pretty much NIL small talk about the normal stuff you do when starting a relationship! It's been cut straight to the quick in every convo and that has been extremely gratifying as there hasn't been any... flotsam to filter! You know! All that fluff and nonsense people say to each other to "set the boundaries" of their relationship!

In fact I think we set the boundaries from the inside out. We were dealing with the subject of his Genius. His core process.

Pretty intimate stuff really when you think about it. This is like the internal workings of ones soul. This is where your idiosyncratic nature, your inherent God-given birth-rite is given air-play and public exposure on rather a grand scale!

It can be really deep and stirring stuff!

Anyway! to cut a long story short, we found Martin's Genius - or I should qualify that by saying that he INSPIRED us to find it!

As for me and my own process!

It was definitely about cohesion for me! I couldn't stop thinking about it for the past week. I've spent nights, and minutes in showers, in bathrooms, shopping, and even sitting in church just mulling (should I say MUSING) on this conundrum.

I don't quite know WHY I wanted - needed - to help fix this one - I just felt compelled to. It was like the perfect meshing of minds except through the medium of the written word. A wierd juxtaposition when you think about it!

Somehow, I think - I believe - I would NEVER have been able to help Martin with his journey if we'd been face to face! There'd have been too much "noise" in the air - trying to read body language and misunderstanding on all sides of nuances of language and speech. Sometimes, things DO have more coherence when written and this exercise has strengthened that observation for me. Maybe it's just the playground my particular core process prefers to play in I suppose.

I did have to laugh coming in here again today. For some reason I hadn't made the connection that Martin's genius is "Being Muse" and I have named this blog - well before the name came - aMusing my genius! Whew! Heavy portent in that I think! LOL Which makes me think we probably have a lot more in common than we both realise in many ways despite living so far apart!

Psssst! Martin if you are reading this .... I would totally bug you if we met in the flesh - I'm too intense and way too ditzy for 3D land!!! LMAO!


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