Wednesday, March 22, 2006

At the risk of sounding pretentious...

My Genius is Constructing Coherence!

It makes me laugh when I consider how obvious this is in light of what I do and who I am.

It seems that "inner bean" that we all hold dear becomes so close to us we often don't recognise it when it decides to come out from behind its psychological curtain!

Constructing Coherence sounds like an esoteric exercise in being ridiculous - which is a lot fo who I am when I think about it! LOL - but it IS a fusion of all the things I have done and probably will do.

I'm not a builder of buildings but I do have a long term fascination with the construction of homes and architechture and I've become somewhat of a know-it-all when it comes to sustainable home design.

I do construct a lot of words together though. Constructing coherence is actually a term used in grammar to describe the way words are used to convey meaning and context.

For me it's about creating a sense of shared understanding and communion.

It's about making me and anyone else "out there" feel connected and that there is a clear understanding and a shared sense of meaning between us all.

It's about friendship; it's about unity, entente, Esprit de Corp, it's about union, communion, and integrated wholes. It's about context, sense, meaning and syntax. It's about building up a complete picture, a trusted picture, an understood picture.

For me, I build up these values through research, divining, intuiting, writing, talking, sensing, making, assimilating, acknowledging and sharing of all this knowledge with others.

Trouble is... I can be a little excitable in my eagerness to share this knowledge and I can easily turn others off with my enthusiastic attempts to be in tune with them! I usually sense this when people go "What the...?" after one of my little "sessions". One of my friends says I "philosophize" a lot! *blush*

When someone has a "problem", I am inclined to go to great lengths to help them make sense of it and thus solve it in a way that makes them LIKE me for helping them understand!

On the other hand when people ARE enlightened through my efforts and thank me for it, are happy to be around me because of what I bring, I feel absolutely, blimmin' wonderful! I love that feeling of unity, that sense of "belonging" that comes from friendship.

Coherence in it's most wonderful form no doubt!

As to my purpose....

Well.... the most constructive and most coherent purpose for me is written on the chain I wear around my neck.

To live (construct) my life in -
& Love

Tis the ultimate glue that keeps everything together!

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