Friday, April 14, 2006

Coherence means....


apparently not for some!

I've been trying to figure out a way of making the words Constructing Coherence - the two words of my name I decided on for my particular core process - easier for people to understand!

I've always been into "big" words. I used to read the Dictionary for fun even as a kid! And I have recently re-discovered my love-affair with Roget and his Thesaurus! Crumbs I love that book! All those words, all that synergy of meaning, subtleties and shades of meaning. Gives me chills.

One of the BEST presents my parents ever gave me was a tiny little book called -appropriately - The Superior Persons Little Book of Words - by Peter Bowler! I spent MONTHS reading that book over and over. It has all these wierd and obscure little words in it that you can use in polite conversation to obfuscate and bamboozle your listeners.

Of course I was never actually very good at using them in conversation but the fascination with them remains to this day.

I even said to my kids when they were toddlers to make sure they scrubbed the "bathybius" ring from around the water line in the bath! They never seemed to look at me with that "What the...?" question flashing in the space between their eyes! They just scrubbed that soapy line off the walls of the bath - just like that!

Adults however, are less inclined to "get" words of more than 7 letters!

I'd written an article recently in which I inserted the word "Vicissitudes". A perfectly sensible word describing the ebb and flow of lifes daily occurrences. One of our friends, Jeff, didn't know what it meant much less how to pronounce it and confronted me with it. The article was a deep and meaningful article with lots of pathos and sensitive thought - but nooooo! That particular word was all everyone seemed to hone in on and want clarification for!


It transpires that this is what I do. I have all my born days been into using words - new words, different words - words with specific definitions that suit that particular message. For me it's about Coherence! It's about making the meaning clear. It's about sticking the meaning to the page and being completely congruent in the message. But for others, who hear/read my words, it's apparently about "huh...?".

I just want to be understood but I find that my own "genius" makes me less understood than if I had the vocabulary of a teenage male, merely grunting my way through life!

I've told a few people about the whole Genius concept and they seem vaguely interested but when I tell them the name I've chosen for my own particular genius - I can literally see their eyes cloud over with a faint milky substance. Their eyes go from looking at me to looking inside their own head to try and make sense of the words I've just said!

Constructing coherence is too hard for others! It's easy for me! I know EXACTLY what these words convey to me. An enormous repository of syntax and meaning. But it doesn't seem to do that for the very thing I want to do it for! It's MY gift for me but not The gift I'm giving to others.

So how to make "Constructing Coherence" be coherent for others???

My Giddy Aunt!

What to do? What to do?

It has to be words that convey all that meaning and words that make sense. Words that help stick things and people together in total, mutual friendship and understanding. Words that make it clear that I'm about building people up, getting them together, building entente, (now there's a word! :)) - not confusing them into disintegration.

I want to convey the sheer joy I experience when there is the GLUE of coherence between people. The glue of mutual respect and understanding, love, peace, and joy and all that! I'm always trying to make people happy and it frustrates me no end that my very genius can't even make itself heard and be clear!

What to? What to do?

Off to find new depths to this whole construction process!

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