Friday, April 03, 2009

cloud cuckoo's pine for the fjiords too

I live in the future a lot. I plot and plan, design and idealise phantasms of perfection in my work habits, my romantic aspirations and my personal development.

I want to be perfectly formed physically, glowingly attractive both within and without - whilst still enjoying cold pizza for breakfast on lazy Saturday mornings.

I want to be with 'The Perfect Partner', who "gets" my every mood. You know? A man who can read my mind to know what my mood is at any given moment - and know how to accommodate it ;)

I want to be highly organised and efficient in the daily running of my duties and responsibilities, so much so that people will clamour for my organisational expertise, paying deliciously large sums of money for the privilege, while I pay for a gardener and a house-cleaner to tidy up after my perfectly anonymous quiet life at home.

I want to have a new super green, hydrogen fuel cell car, parked in the garage of a big, beautiful low-energy use house so I can join and invite strangers from around the globe to share their travel tales with my children and me in homely and world-changing civility and cross-cultural understanding.

I want a "firm" pocket spring mattress and base set bed for my nice lean and well exercised back after I've been out walking for 10kms every day.

I want the perfect tattoo, designed by my own hand from my own innovative concept in the perfect centre of my lower back where it will be discreet and only viewable by the very, very, privileged few.

I want an inner city serviced apartment in the CBD of Melbourne overlooking Southbank with large east facing windows and a balcony overlooking the river.

I want to write the 21st century version of a "Gone with the Wind" epic so timeless and classic, it will outlive my Great Grand Children. And every day I shall struggle and labour to write the words for this blog, beautifully, coherently; inspiring others through my experiential musings.

Oh yes! I have a lot of fantasies.

Now, many in the professional development industry might say that if these were genuine desires, nothing should be able to stop me from intending and creating them as a part of my reality. It's a nice theory. It apparently works for some too so I won't quibble too much.

Obviously, I haven't properly mastered that little bit of fluff between intention and realisation yet. I'm a work in progress I guess.

So? What do I really want?

If everything in the above list was mine to have, what else would there be left to want? Family, friends and faith notwithstanding, what else in my Cloud-Cuckoo Land could I possibly want?


High-quality stationery! That's what I want.

I decided it today. I decided that if I lived in a perfect world with the "right" man and the "right" house and had the "right" income as well as the "right" level of business acumen, I would want a beautiful, elegant, gorgeously designed concept stationery store where I could sell people the most astonishing array of quality paper ephemera.

Thing is...I wouldn't sell "just" paper...I'd be helping people! People who also had a love of fine stationery, like - glowing, gorgeous, sweet, elegant me, all beautiful and lean in a black pencil skirt, naturally tanned elongated looking legs in black patent leather Manolo Blahnik's, and a white button down pure linen blouse - me, with the stationery supplies they needed to create mastery of their own aspirations.

Beautiful paper notepads, filing supplies, pens and planners...

ahhhh...such heavenly bliss!

I'd help them own a Moleskine too :)

........................In a perfect world!

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