Wednesday, April 01, 2009

1000 buzzes

It's late and the sleepy, eyes-half-closed quality of horizontal avoidance threatens to lay me flat despite the insistence to remain up. I am resisting sleep and yet I must. A thousand thoughts burble and bumble their way across the canvas of Ideas. Things to do. To say. To be. To want. To buy. To sell. To think. To read. To muse. To blog.

Things too innumerable to be anything but transient, soft buzzes. Buzzes akin to an errant mosquito against the ear late at night when its dark. The sound burrs inside your brain large and insistent but reach out to SMACK it down.. and you will fail...everytime.

No such capture device exists to slam down these bursting-with-sound mosquitoes of thought. No notebook or digital device can lay its thick, solid permanence to transitory murmurings of eclectic, passing, tiny, large, insouciant, pressing, niggling, angling, careering, noisome thoughts.

If I wrote, I'd write for a hundred lifetimes. Lists. Lists so long they'd wind the sands of the Sahara into clouds of watery tears, begging me to stop with the lists, the words, the hapzard and non-sensical array of buzzing thoughts in my head.

Some would say to turn off this mind-trap of aMusement. But I won't. It is a vibe for the moment and nothing more. A creative bursting of mosquitoey bubbles of sound, flexing their syllabic muscles and capturing words into coherent messages for the future read.

One thousand buzzing ideas and ideas about ideas and thoughts about thoughts and then thinking thoughts about thoughts of ideas, all spinning like crazy string, electric taut and buzzing.... a mind without edges, print or byte expanding beyond the reaches of the known Mosquito Universe...

bzzzzzzzzz bzzzzzzzz bzzzzzzzz.....

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