Wednesday, November 12, 2008

what's your motif?

In an attempt to isolate that which fuels me from within and lights me up, I happened upon Curt Rosengren's ebook "The Occupational Adventure Guide".

Even though I am a total whine about not having any money, on this occasion, my gut told me that this was a worthwhile investment in my navel-gazing search for betterment.

In the book, Curt discusses isolating the WHY you feel excited and energised when engaged in a particular activity. It's like trying to figure out what makes your heart go "tick tick" to the beat of a sound bigger than your heart itself.

This process of digging down deep to actually isolate the things that make my eyes sparkle and a smile dance across my mouth instinctively and unintentionally will prove interesting I'm sure.

I've already isolated a few words/phrases that resonate with me at a very core level.

To muse
Making Interconnections between seemingly disparate concepts
Text/Words in print
Discussing theories and concepts

The "motif" in all of this is surely the words "To Muse". I am not a muse myself, I rely heavily on others to fulfill that role. But what I need to do almost as much as I need to breathe is to be able to think things out. I do that in printed text best of all.

When I speak and "go all philosophical" as my dear First World friends call it, it's hardly coherent and manageable information. In print however, I feel a certain natural calmness and energy to my musing that feels "right".

How all this will translate to finding "The Job That's Right For Me" is anyone's guess right now. Safe to say, that no matter how it turns out, if I learn some small thing that stops me from being so terribly angst-ridden and irritable about my current circumstances...well, that has got to be a good thing. Yeah?

I keep banging on about how I believe my purpose is "to write". That's all well and good and I do intend to write as much as I possibly can. I've yet to discover what kind of writing I'm meant to do though. What kind of writing is going to energise me and feed my family at the same time? Is this blog really "it"? I doubt it! This blog is the most feeble excuse for writing that ever existed! This is where I merely muse in the play of words, not make a living musing! To do both would be astounding and electrifying indeed. I don't even know if such jobs exist. Perhaps that particular box hasn't yet been breached there in my mind.

So now I encourage you dear reader to find your own Passion Core. What turns you on? What AND WHY do certain things light you up inside, deeply, at your very centre? What journey of discovery would you be willing to take if it meant you could find the truth of who you really are?

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