Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A wee gem of a show about poo

Shane Jacobson is pure genius!

The man has invented a character so charming and disarming that he, aka "Kenny", positively reeks with genuine warmth, good humour, affable charm and extraordinary integrity towards people of all races and creeds!

I'm currently addicted to the half hour TV show on our Channel Ten here called "Kenny's World" on Wednesday evenings (yes! I should be studying! *sigh*). If you click the title of this blog post, the link will take you to the online video's of the same TV show. They're well worth the time to watch if you have a good fast broadband connection and if you're reasonably comfortable with some mild swearing and strange Aussie terminologies.

The show celebrates the International Year of Sanitation. What a fantastic idea! Not only am I being thoroughly entertained but I'm learning a LOT about the world in terms of how we manage and attend to the most fundamental aspects of all human life across the planet, that being, the way we manage our personal waste.

With gentle tongue-in-cheek humour, Kenny leads us on a whirlwind tour of the worlds toilets and associated side-stories. Tonight in Episode 3, I learned that 42 percent of the entire worlds population is without decent sanitation! I also learned about the amazing efforts of a humble man in Singapore determined to change this fact. Marvellous stuff really.

There are probably some people for whom this subject would cause the disgruntled and disgusted "Ewww!" with all the associated distate of having to speak of such things as "Poo" and "Wee"! I feel very sorry for these people! Access to appropriate, planet friendly sanitation is, in my opinion, a fundamental right of every citizen.

We in the affluent "North" of the World with our postulating on what we think is "best" for everyone else would do well to take note of how some of our Asian cousins handle the issue quite frankly! We do need to talk about how we manage and apply planet-friendly ways for reducing our reliance on water-guzzling cisterns and how we can effectively provide sanitation that is cheap, reliable and clean for the children of the world. Note this bit of info from Mr Sim, that approximately one million children a year die from diarrhea associated with poor sanitation! That is what's really disgusting!

But anyway, I am being absolutely charmed - and educated - by the wonderful character of Kenny and am finding this show to be one of the highlights of my TV viewing year (there has been a real dearth of those highlights until now I might add!).


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