Sunday, September 21, 2008

my strange metaphor for Knowledge

Picture this:

A large spider in the centre of an even larger, robust web, glittering with dew drops in the morning sunlight. Each of the spiders 8 legs, is actually a finely honed tuning fork. Each tuning fork is pitched at a different tone. The spider pings a thread within the web with a particular tuning fork. It's just a quick flick. The tone travels out along the interwoven threads of the web and the dew drops bounce and swerve, dance and glitter as the vibrational energy of the sound and the physical shove on their silken wire mobilizes them.

The dew drops slide and gather together to form new dew drops, larger or smaller than their original size. Some drops drip right off the web and onto the plant matter below, forever disconnected from the song the spider plays at will overhead. It doesn't matter. The dew drops that fall down will feed the life that will in turn eventually support the spider in its quest.

The Spider is Knowledge.

The web is the vast human connected world that receives, responds and supplies Knowledge.

This is connectivism in action.

Does this mean that Knowledge is at the hub of things? Does this mean that Knowledge is implied as some kind of Entity outside of usual and common human interaction?

Yes and No!

Spiders are living things. So is Knowledge. It moves, grows, changes, gives birth to and dies just as any living thing does. Knowledge isn't static.

But it does have tuning forks for legs!

Every nuanced move of Knowledge's leg is a beautifully and carefully orchestrated pitch on a particular scale sent to achieve a particular and carefully orchestrated end. Knowledge loves to feed and it is gluttonous and greedy but also patient and resilient. It pitches for more of what it wants and it usually gets it - for the web is an attractive rather sticky thing. It brings things to it that makes the spider grow and get fat.

Tuning forks have a function. They provide a perfect pitch. A sound. In order to produce that sound, one must tap at the fork so it resonates.

ALL KNOWLEDGE RESONATES. In order to make Knowledge resonate, you need to tap the tuning fork. That's all it takes. A simple tap and the sound and the vibration will do the rest.

This is what both attracts things to the spider and what the spider imparts outwards.

Maybe its a bad metaphor. But to me it's more ecologically quantifiable than pipes!

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