Sunday, September 14, 2008

First steps in a new kind of "job"

I'm experimenting with a new kind of writing concept.

Not sure if it even exists out there in the market place or on the net actually but I guess its worth a try.

I'm offering my services as a writer of greeting card messages.

Yeah! It's weird and a bit "huh?" but it's something I have apparently always been able to do instinctively and "easily". We will see of course if that is actually true and not just my dear mother being "supportive" of her daughter-scribe.

Lots of people choose a card for its pertinence to the person they intend to give it to. However, a lot of the time, the card's pre-printed message isn't always everything that you want to say even though the picture and the concept seem to sort of "match".

Lots of people have trouble trying to figure out what to say in messages and greeting cards.

There is a booming home hobby industry in card-making where beautiful one-off, handmade paper craft creations are crying out for suitable words to be added.

So here's the thing I'm going to try...

I'll write heaps of greeting card messages and put them on this other blog. You select something that you want to use and then you copy it, either in your own handwriting, or just copy, paste, print according to how you want to use it. These messages on the blog are available for free for now. I intend to incorporate a Tip Jar for those honest souls who like to reward for services rendered.

I'm still not exactly sure how to make this a marketable and viable business that supplements (or surpasses) the current income, but we're working on that aspect.

Coaching people in writing messages that come from their own hearts and voices may be the possibility down the line. Time will tell if that is possible or desired by the market, although, I do have to say that I can totally see myself helping some poor bloke construct his personal marriage vows! hahaha Oh! But, that would be an awesome contribution I could make to the world! Yeah? :)

This is a new concept and I'm willing to explore lots of possibilities with it. If you have ideas about how to make this something extraordinary, drop me a line and express your opinion.

The question really is "Would you buy the words you wanted to say, if you couldn't come up with them yourself?"

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