Friday, September 19, 2008

blog block


The dreaded scourge of bloggers everywhere! Blog Block!

Argh! what to write? What to say?

It's enough to drive a girl nuts!

I love my blog; I adore writing in my blog! However, when it feels like there's "nothing" much to say - it seems futile to try and push the words to come forth.

I actually have a TextEdit page here on my hard-drive with possible topics to muse upon in here but as I look at my dashed off notes - written in the inspired heat of a moment when the ideas sprang forth like gazelles over tumble weeds, but which I had not time right then and there to develop into words - and I'm left cold and uninspired by them.

*sigh* Words are my tools. They're how I THINK. I think and imagine in both words AND pictures. I cannot imagine pictures without the running commentary of words panning across the visions in my mind. I'm both visual and aural in my thinking processes.

Words on the page, the literary word, displayed in characterisations and symbolic archetypes - and therefore essentially a visual pursuit really if you boiled it down to its essence - they're how I muse; how I decide things; how I formulate and cohere all the messy symbols that my busy mind perceives.

Words are my life-line to thinking straight. They're the rosary beads of my meditations, the camels in my caravanserai of psychological rectitude, the pulchritudinous jewels of my frontal cortex.

I love words!

But alas! Today I have Blog Block and the words won't come so well.

Poor Blog that writes nothing of note: Poor Blogger who's brow does crease in desperate concentration on the nothing!

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