Monday, June 16, 2008

catalyst blink moment

You can learn a LOT in the briefest of moments.

I had a revelation hit me about a behaviour I was doing just from reading a junk email today! It hit me like the proverbial tonne of bricks that what it was saying was exactly what I'd been doing wrong in some of my relationships.

Sometimes, you will "hear" wisdom come at you from everywhere but you never really "get" it. You try and try and try to understand what it is that is blocking you from getting what you want and still you keep going around in circles wondering where the light switch is. People are shouting the answers to you but you have cotton wool stuffed into your psychological ears and can't hear a thing they are telling you. Logic and intelligence tell you all the theory but you simply cannot make it gel with what you are really feeling emotionally. You feel like you are in a maze without a ball of string.

Then one day...when you least expect it...and WHERE you least expect get this resounding THUMP inside your head and you KNOW what the problem has been. Your logic and your emotions suddenly create synergy and you know and see what has been eluding you for so long!

For me, my thumping great catalyst blink moment came in the form of a junk email newsletter I get sometimes. I sometimes read these if the headline is intriguing enough. I won't elaborate on what it said, but just that the message was enough to finally help me SEE what I had been misunderstanding for so long.

Suffice it to say that NOW I have even more work to do on my personal development to learn from this kick up the arse and never repeat it again.

A part of me is deliriously happy that I have clarity at last...and another part of me is shaking in its boots as to what this is really going to mean to have to change it.

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