Sunday, April 13, 2008

I so hate the simpsons

Having to share this space here in this lounge room with teenagers is really beginning to annoy me!

I have done it for a LONG time now.

I am sooo OVER The Simpsons and Futurama and "The Family Guy" as to be almost sick with disgust when they are on the tv.

My son seems inexorably attracted to these shows to the point where I want to scream "ENOUGH!"

Which I just did by the way *blush*

And so now...we have to endure the inane youth pop culture shows on the Fuel channel *sigh*

I really really really REALLY want my own office space! This sharing of space is about to wreck havoc on my sanity today!

How do people in jam-packed, crowded civilations around the world COPE with living on top of one another?

How do they manage to assuage their frustration for privacy and space when they must share every square inch of space with family and others?

How can they limit their emotional intensity and propensity toward frustration, anger, depression and anxiety when they are surrounded by the temperamental flesh of other people all the time?

Perhaps I am moaning about nothing much! I should perhaps be "grateful" that I do have opportunities to make space for myself. But it isn't as easy as it might sound. Our house has only one main living area. To find myself a space for private peace and reflection and space to write freely without distraction just isn't the option I crave to have.

Argh! I like the television but on my terms, which currently are limited to the occasional show on the sci-fi channel, the weather channel, or the food channel *blush*. My children apparently beg to differ and I am more or less forced to endure the crap that is The Simpsons in various guises!


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