Saturday, April 05, 2008

As it is in Heaven

Watched this movie this afternoon in a blissfully people free lounge room. No interruptions and so on!

Ahhhh! :)

That was nice.

The movie is really genuine and provides a lot to think about.

The themes are about the search for The Heart inside yourself. Who you are, where you come from; how you fit into the world and finding your inner child again. It's about learning to love - yourself and others without expectations and fear. It's about coming home!

There are a bazillion ways you could check out the plot of this Oscar nominated movie. Suffice it to say that there ARE a few glitchy patches in it and it is kind of stumbling in its style. That seems to lend a certain authenticity to it though, so the jumps between scenes do make sense and are easy to pick up.

The story is rounded, complete and the acting is sublimely understated and natural as seems to be the case in most Scandanavian films. There is something inherently genuine in the movies that come out of Sweden, Norway and Finland.

So yeah. A big thumbs up from me about this sweet little movie about a "famous" conductor who goes back home to his roots to find himself again and make peace with his heart.

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