Sunday, January 27, 2008

a fine romance

Now, I realise that this will sound a little silly really, given that this sort of product has been around for quite some time now; but, I've fallen totally in love with iTunes!

I've used iTunes sporadically for a LONG time! But have not really done a whole lot with it as such other than listen to iTunes Radio stations! Today I "discovered" some of the audio treasures available in the iTunes Store and bought my first download from there! A fond revisit to some of my favourite music from my early 20's :)

Of course, now all this has me writing a wishlist with the view to acquiring "new" music in times to come :)

I have downloaded music off the net before but never from iTunes itself as such. I recently acquired the new Radiohead album direct from their site and it neatly slotted itself into iTunes without any help from me! :) I think that kind of simplicity and synchronous deployment is just beautiful in tech huh? :) (Yes! I paid a fair price for "in Rainbows" thanks. No guilt here on nicking someones' hard yakka!)

Along with Preciousss here (my MacBook), iTunes syncs beautifully with all kinds of media.

Uploading CD's from our collection to iTunes over on the PC was always a bit of a tedious process, clunky and not very efficient I thought. Here on the Mac however, it's simplicity plus! The Apple guys just know how make things WORK without the stodgy, frustrating and convoluted stress! It's quite simply a revelation for me!

In the past day or so, I've easily uploaded upwards of 60+ CD's, with a fair few to go too :) It is proving to be a fun and edifying process. I am now going to be able to listen to music I don't often to get to hear, other than in the car!

Between the personal CD collection and the amazing variety of sound in iTunes Radio, music takes on an other-worldly dimension unmatched since the advent of the first sound recordings!

So, Okay? Now I AM blushing! I get it now maybe! hahaha


Alexys Fairfield said...

Hey Michelle,
Happy belated birthday!

I love iTunes, I often have it on random play. Music is life and life is music. So glad you discovered something else to enhance your life. That's great.

Also wanted to let you know that I have a new blog. Hope you can come by sometime.

Take care.

Michelle said...

Thankyou dear Alexys :)

Your new blog is now safely ensconced in my bloglines.

I've already been delighted and moved by some of your posts there m'dear. The one with the lyrics to that song "True Happiness this way lies"...had me darting back to iTunes to listen to a preview. hahaha! :) Great lines in that song though eh?

I have almost 90 percent of our entire music collection in iTunes on Preciousss here now. In a way, I feel like I'm a snail travelling with all my "worldly goods" packed into this computer! :) It will be her first of many such excursions out and about to see the wide wonderful world I hope.

CU where our souls meet in this world, soon