Tuesday, December 18, 2007

if you want to love me...this is how

Be calm with my drama.

Be honest with me about my weaknesses but also gentle in how you tell me of them.

Give me lots of warm attention.

Flirt with me but don't force me to engage sexually just because I tacitly "agree" to the flirtation process.

Show me your clever side. I am inspired by intellect and wit.

Show me your intuitive side. I am enamoured of perceptive wisdom.

Tell me with your words what you admire in me.

Tell me with your touch how much you like the person I am. I am always open for a hug and a warm embrace.

Give me space to let my mind wander vast distances but gently call me back to reality when its time to be real again.

Enjoy my laughter.

Give me a shoulder to cry on when I am stressed and afraid.

Don't be afraid of my tears; I'm more afraid of them than you will ever be.

If you need space to be alone then tell me; Don't leave me wondering if you still want to know me at all.

Help me UN-glue sometimes. I'm so into my doing coherence thing I can get a little too stuck for my own good and everyone elses.

Honour my Faith and my beliefs without scoffing or judging them.

Let me WHINGE sometimes when the pressure is too much. It's how I release the angst...I sound off and will be a bucket of poo about some things ...but just smile and tell me you love me anyway. I WILL get over it - I promise.

Touch me softly, often. Smile at me with your eyes. Caress me and hold me. Love for me is a physical entity all its own.

Talk to me intelligently about any number of new things. Stretch my mind to reach further and discover more. I am energised and sustained by the possibilities.

Let me cook but you don't need to actually like or eat what I cook. Just show you appreciate the effort I made because I love you back. My disappointment that I couldn't feed you won't last but my joy will be profound if you do enjoy what I prepare for the table.

Let me nurture you sometimes. Let me BE that silly "Mother Goose" who frets and fusses after your welfare. It soothes me to honour you this way. It feels like "practical" love.

Let me love you back. Completely, wholly, deeply and as passionately as I want.

See? I told you I was simple!

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Anonymous said...

Oh how true
Just loved this and wish morew men understood this
take Care
Doug Elliott