Thursday, November 15, 2007

sleep away the tapir man

Last night I had one of the WORST nightmares I've had in a long time.

It was graphic and very "Hollywood Horror". This is despite the fact that I rarely, if ever, watch horror blood and gore films (Pulp Fiction notwithstanding...but that was more weird art than horror really).

I woke to feel very distressed and unwilling to fall back to sleep and when I did I had a whole bunch of other very graphic and involved dreams (including a rather convoluted one featuring the Pavlina family!!! *scratches head* Huh?).

I have tried writing my "horror" dream (Sorry Steve... this one wasn't really about you...although that dream WAS creepy in a subdued kind of way)...into a short story, but it remains to be seen if I can make it as tension packed and as graphic as the dream I witnessed last night. I'm not really sure I want to you know. It's very hard to write what one does not want to think about again.

Still! The process of writing out the dream and padding out the non-dreamed scenes in an attempt to fit it together has been cathartic if a little unsuccessful.

The title of this blog sort of describes the main elements of the dream.

It involved young lovers, sleeping bags made for two and some mutant creatures that resembled men but were more like upright tapirs with thick white fleshy skin barely covered with hair and yet covered with much blood... get the picture! Or perhaps not, which would be a lot nicer for you really.


Nightmares are really not very nice things.

If anyone is interested in reading one of my preliminary drafts of this story... email me at michelle underscore pitman at hotmail dot com with tapir man in the subject line and I'll forward you my work in progress such that it is (martin says it needs a fair bit of work to make it work :) so be warned ...its not "that" good).

other than that...I'm off to bed now for a nights SLEEP with no vivid dreams that I shall remember for years to come! *shudder*

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