Monday, October 01, 2007

creative genius

Everyone is a genius really.

From the person who flunked out of school to the person who can do marvellous things with their minds or bodies.

You see, Genius .... (in the sense of a highly developed skill or intelligence)... is mostly about creativity.

There is something that the human being is better at than most creatures under this bruised sky and that is that we Create everyday of our lives. The Human Being is in the business of creation. Like the Creator, she is the the wondering Sage, intent on making a world.

Inside the mind lies the beating machina of creative drive and purpose. We think and we are creating as we think. We imagine and create what we imagine as a real thing which we either bring to the light of day for others to see or we keep inside of our heads as a fleeting idea, a thought or a seed for future reference.

Perhaps what we create is merely a dream that could potentially become possible given energy, tact, principle and a dash of good luck :)

But, no matter how mundane the idea, or how fundamental the need, the urge to create is a strong drive in people.

Creativity is as vast as the human canvas! Where no two people are alike, no two people are creative in the same way. What is the same however, is the drive to create! To make something unique and lasting of our own making be it percieved simple or not!

Never ever under-estimate the power of the Creative Spirit that resides in you. You ARE a genius already just because you have the ability and the potential to make anything you want possible! :)

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