Saturday, May 19, 2007

Why is it..

that one can make plans and plans and plans but they rarely eventuate.

I had quite a list of things to do today. I barely scratched the surface! *sigh*

I did get that email written to the old g/f's although some of the email addy's bounced! I so hate that. I started my german homework but have yet to complete it - there seems to be PILES of it at the moment too.

As for this "feral loungeroom"? Well! That's least of all my obligations right now. Tomorrow is Ironing Day so it will get sorted then and only then.

And if you're wondering about the strange juxtaposition of terms there - aka "feral" + "loungeroom", then don't fret, it's just one of my idiosyncracies of language use. I don't know HOW I do that or why - I just do. Maybe it's an Aussie thing perhaps. Some Aussies do say silly things like "Dead Horse" in lieu of simple tomato sauce and such. We are a wierd mob as the saying goes.

Still I guess I'd better explain what I mean anyway. My "feral loungeroom" is cluttered with clothes that I cannot wear, things to pick up that do not belong to me but to other people who say they live here, chocolate bar wrappers that I've not eaten myself, empty glasses parked beside armchairs that I did not drink from, disarranged cusions on the couch that I did not rest upon, school bags that don't belong to me and guitar picks that I do not use to play the guitar with.

Do you kind of get the picture? Yeah! The "feral" part of the loungeroom isn't so much the loungeroom itself - its the young urchins who LIVE here and think they can just trash the joint and "Ping" it will all be nice and restful again in the morning for them to trash yet again!

*sigh* It's a mum's world!