Monday, February 26, 2007

Soulmating again

This theme is currently recurring for me and I still struggle with it.

I wrote this awhile ago and while I still believe a lot of what I wrote in that piece...the IDEA of there being one ideally matched person to your inner bean still intrigues and absorbs me with its potential.

What does it MEAN to BE a soulmate to someone?

It is my understanding thus far that there are a couple of things that constitute an accurate picture of a true soulmate partnership.

The definition of soulmate in this context would be that of your "other" half. The subtle resonant piece of "your true self" that has been thus far "missing" from your life. It would be the unique expression of a side of you that you understand implicitly and "know" instinctively...except that it resides in a completely different persona.

The idea is that when you connect with this other half of your soul - there is a vibrational charge of emotional, psychic, mental, and occasionally physical understanding of that other person.

They may not look anything like you. They may not even have the same tastes, the same likes and dislikes or the same background as yourself. However, there is a very strong and compelling connection between the two people that goes beyond mere "Best Buddies"; you just get each other without having to try. The relationship is entirely natural and instinctive.

You may not necessarily always understand each other on a surface level as in basic communication - aka language etc - but you very much understand each other at a much more fundamental and wholistic level.

One of the other key factors is that once you meet with your soulmate, it is difficult to be separate from that other. The desire to connect the two halves of the soul is strong and inevitable. This is not always sexual in nature however. There is every likelihood that the relationship is one of Teacher/Student, Muse/Creative, Elder/Youth in appearance. The intrinsic underlying depth of understanding and respect is what is most apparent.

Our Soulmate KNOWS us in ways no one else can truly know us. They may also drive us completely nuts with their own unique foibles and personality but at the same time we feel very much "at home" with them and need, enjoy and desire their companionship and company very much.

There is also the liklihood that your soulmate can cause you considerable pain, particularly emotionally. The pain is possibly bitter-sweet and perhaps unbearable, but the reasons for it may be part of a complicated lesson of life that you learn through this connection.

Soulmates are about the big picture of life; a purposeful journey together toward growth and maturity that can have massive repercussions for everything - and everyone - they encounter.

That famous line, "You complete me", in the movie "Jerry Macquire" became the catchphrase for soulmates everywhere, and in a way our soulmate - under this particular definition - does indeed "complete" us in ways beyond human comprehension and sometimes reason too.

The relationship is eternal, spiritual, instinctive, resonant, effective and charged with emotion, intuition and creative energy.

So if you do find such a soulmate then God speed to both of you as you travel your path together. It could be quite a ride :)

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