Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I never thought in a million years...

that I would be very seriously considering getting a macbook for my first laptop!

I'm still in "shopping" mode just for the moment but this is the best part of any new venture really...shopping around and getting to know your product before you commit.

It's a bit like a romantic relationship really...between ones computer and ones self.

You kind of check each other out.
You "meet".
You decide if you like each other.
You get obsessive with each other and can't bear to be parted.
You feel a little bereft and lost when apart.
You settle into the comfortable rhythm that comes from intimate knowlege and trust in each other.

"My" Macbook is out there waiting patiently for me to make the leap of faith I need to change from being a PC girl from way back to being a Macbook carrying type (is there a type?). Will it be my "knight in shining armour"? I have no idea! I do hope though that it will be a faithful workhorse and give me many years of sturdy and reliable service.

A computer is not just a "tool" anymore in my view. A computer - particularly one that has high speed internet access - is perhaps now pretty much an extention of ones own identity. It literally becomes a kind of second "Self", not entirely separate - but sometimes very different - from the Self you believe you are and/or present yourself to be in the Real World. This box of light and wires is an ad hoc addendum of The Mind!

I shall blame Spernau though if it - this new love-affair - all goes pear-shaped! hehehe (I won't really Martin! I promise! :)). He's so Mac now he goes just a weeny bit nuts if he has to work with 'that other brand'! *wink* But he has pretty much convinced me now that its a good plan to switch camps. At the very least - I can always bribe him for tech support! Huh? :)

In truth, my sudden leap to this change of platform is because I am quite frankly "tired" of the hoopla that surrounds a lot of the "new" stuff from the PC camp. The newest operating system now available in PC's and laptops by Microsoft is going to be just as big a learning curve as OS X "Tiger" so its not a stretch really now to make the switch. :)

It's all very exciting though. My dad will laugh his head off - seeing as I will need to eat humble pie and concede defeat when I was so adamant he was "wrong" to get himself an Apple Mac for his very first computer a couple of years ago! *sigh* Live and learn huh?

So anyway. There are some things that need to happen first before "my" Macbook is curled up in my arms. First and foremost is getting a secure WLAN set up here at home.

When one has teenagers in the house... getting uninterrupted time on broadband internet is a scarce thing unless you happen to get up with the birds, like I do for this very reason. But, I DO need to access the net regularly for various work and leisure pursuits and I WOULD like to do that without having "Are you done yet Mum?" in my ears every minute or so!

So yeah! This is a fun new project and I'm looking forward to the possibilities that present. At some point this coming year, this blog just might be written on a MAC! Wow! Who'd have thought that?


Vlad Spears said...

I develop on the other OS, but I have a swinging, polyamorous household of Macs at this point. They all get along in true love-fest style, from the gnome gaggle of Macintosh SEs all the way to the latest MacBook Pro.

Everyone has their place, and they all do their own thing. What's really fun is when the SEs start talking amongst themselves, then getting all the other Macs and occasional humans involved in deep conversations. It can go for days.

It's like the 60s all over again... the 2060s!

Michelle said...

Oh my! I am so laughing here!

That sound like so much fun! :)

I did one of those dubious internet quizzes once entitled "What decade are you really?"...

as it turns out I am very much the "Flower child" type and could very happily reside in the 60's (either millenium...it don't matter to me - but they meant the 1900 ones I think!)...

So... you have chatty Macs huh? Okay... I can live with that... ask the Dragon how much I can talk!


Simon Jones said...

I use Macs. I have a white MacBook and I think it's fab. :-)

Michelle said...

well! There you go!

It seems that all the really smart blokes I 'know' on the web are Mac blokes!

*grin* Cool :)