Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Embracing my What if's

I've decided to embrace rather than fight with the "What if's? inside my head.

I'm a "What if...?" kind of girl. I am always prognosticating about the possibilities, good or bad that may or may not lie in the immediate future.

The curiosity in me is boundless. I need to KNOW stuff. I like knowing stuff.

The future is unknowable of course. That's kind of frustrating. I like being able to know what is going to happen. So.. I play the endless "What if...?" Game inside my head, tossing around scenes from a potential future - usually bad! *blush*

Thing is that I am always surprised at how GOOD things turn out, probably because I've imagined all the worst case scenario's, so anything better than those is a bonus! hahaha

I thought perhaps I should play around with my "What if...?" questions here in this blog. Musing on things in print seems to make the stupid more obvious and the really cool even more so.

The 'What if?' posts should come thick and fast... I hope :)


Alexys Fairfield said...

Hey Michelle,

A true gift is the culmination of knowing how to touch the heart of the receiver. The gift is the act itself like you so eloquently say.

Anyone who reads your wonderful words has also won the lottery.

On a separate non obsequious note, my birthday is in March. ;D)

Michelle said...

awwwww Alexys you are such a sweetie to me :)

I'm not sure my words are so eloquent though ;) Only yesterday I thought that maybe I need to write less about "me" and more about the generic YOU that is out there in blog reader land.

For someone who keeps saying "it's not about me" - I write an awful lot of "I's" hahaha

But thankyou dear for your encouragement and for your own eloquency :)