Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Explore and Exploit - The Genius Way

The Genius Workshop has had a very interesting thread of late.

Biren has gently shared his struggles to find both the name of his unique gift and his purpose. Its been tough on him as it can be when one delves into the inner recesses of the soul.

The key point raised from his search has been this:

"i need to stop exploring, and start exploiting"

Insight right there! :)

It is all too easy to navel-gaze endlessly over our various faults, flaws and fabulous features! We all too easily can become so self-absorbed in our search for meaning and personal value that we forget that it isn't about "us" - its about what we DO!

When we begin to "exploit" our gifts and unique selves for the benefit and purpose of meeting the needs of those around us - that is WHEN we truly discover who we are and what our value is. Our truest sense of self is expressed in our forgetting what we are and just being who we are as God made us.

Sure! It's still valuable and even necessary to refine our knowledge of ourselves and what our unique Gift is that we bring to the world - but that's not the be all and end all of our exploration. Our exploration of ourselves need not spiral ever inward! It is to be demonstrated and explored - exploited even - outward into the world we live in! That is the work of true Genius - all the rest is just arrogance and self indulgence.

Biren has deeply understood the significance of this. Instead of continually focussing in - he has sensed that its time to focus OUT. Ironically - it will be the focussing out that will probably give him what he really needs and wants to know in the end anyway. :) I hope so.

Please be encouraged to join the Genius Workshop and explore your own journey on naming your Genius and finding your purpose. We weren't meant to do this kind of thing on our own I think :) A supportive network of like-minded friends and acquaintances can make the difference between mere exploration and refined exploitation.


Dick Richards said...

Re: "We weren't meant to do this kind of thing on our own."

Cheers, hoorays, and hoots of support for that comment.

Michelle said...

..and I totally believe that line too!

Self exploration inwards is sooo hard (and quite narcissistic really) without the objective viewpoint of caring others to help us clarify our struggle to know who we are and what we do - and then accept that as something beautiful and valuable.

Thanks again for your feedback. :)


Dick Richards said...

We go into self-exploration with the not-always-aware intent of elevating consciousness. In other words, because our current thinking is tricky. If we try to do it alone, without others to hold up a mirror to us, our tricky thinking uses whatever we are learning to become more sophisticated in its trickiness.