Monday, July 31, 2006

The irresistable urge to run

I cannot fathom it at all.

Lately, every now and again, I have this inner DESIRE to just head out the door and RUN. It happened today. I was working away in our shop and I had this URGE - the compelling and audacious URGE to just go - for a run. It very nearly overwhelmed me to the point of actually giving in to it!

Of course "Sense and Sensibility" won out and I didn't go for that run there and then - I did however compensate later today with a big walk :)

Now I'm not a "small" girl anymore. The mere thought of running makes my blood freeze and my brain do a short-circuit mind jolt at this preposterous notion. I find it strangely hilarious that after nearly 20 years of near sedentary life-style (well almost sedentary - I am a Mum afterall ;))...I suddenly have this strange compulsion within to explore this, long thought lost, physical side of myself.

Ahhhh! But!

...To just feel that youthful energy and fire in the movement of my body again! What bliss it would be!

I've felt this sensation before, not long ago. It's happened once or twice now. There is no rhyme or reason to it - I just feel it. So, once last week I tried, tentatively, to go for a short run in our backyard... and I confess that despite the jarring of the knees and the total stupidity I felt (I was so scared of being seen - even by the kids *blush*)... it felt FANTASTIC! hahaha

So I figured if I called this compelling idea out of my inner world and made it public - so to speak - it might actually make me DO that which I fear to do... aka go for a run!

When compelling ideas strike you in this way, what do you do with them? :)

When you feel a compulsion to do something wonderful and yet it feels so alien and strange to you, take a baby-step and feel your way through it. TRY it! Just once is all you need to see if it's something you can consider doing again.


When the urge strikes - run with it! :)


EM Sky said...

Heck, yes. By all means run!

What do I do? Most of the time I go with it. Memorable URGES of the past few months include bouncing around on all fours on a softball field while screeching like a monkey, and going swimming in a public pool at night, fully clothed.

If I'm feeling tentative about the URGE, I contemplate how I'll feel about myself if I DON'T do it, and that usually makes me do it anyway. That's why I tried surfing, which was downright exhilarating.

Michelle said...


now these are genuine preposterously-nut-casey-but-kinda-cute urges em!

I'd have LOVED to have seen that monkey one!