Wednesday, July 19, 2006

How to confound and confuse your partner...

1. Tell them you'll do a thing but actually go do the opposite.
1. Make them think they are more intelligent than you are and then prove otherwise.
1. Love them to death but be really grumpy and snappy with them all the time so they don't know it for sure.
2. Always tell them you keep no secrets from them but also suggest through your actions that you DO have secrets that you will most definitely keep from them.
3. Do "silly" things that you KNOW will drive them nuts like dancing stupid at parties etc.
4. Smile knowingly at them when they are having a hissy fit over one of those "silly" things you do.
5. Never say what you really want but always hint at it in round about ways.

...and what will all this actually achieve?

One confounded and confused partner who will either laugh with you at this nonsense within your relationship or be so ticked off they'll leave you!

The trick is knowing just how far to go with this stuff - which, quite frankly, all couples do to each other sometimes - without breaking the camels back! ;)

Good luck


Alexys Fairfield said...

I think laughter is the key to any good relationship. Always keep them laughing. It keeps the stress down and it is an excellent way to exercise your heart. Good post.

Michelle said...

I totally agree Alexys. Laughter is a glue that holds many a heart together in a loving relationship. Laughter requires too that we 1. have an ability to laugh at ourselves and 2. that we see life as too important to be taken too seriously :)

Thanks for your feedback. It's very much appreciated m'dear! :)

bradford said...

this is the essence of child-like behavior, thanks for the taste of youth