Monday, May 29, 2006

the funny side of things...

Life is either a dramatic tragedy, a stupid waste or an hilariously funny comedy.

It all depends on your perception.

Your perception depends on how to you choose to think about what's happening around you.

You can choose to be utterly defeated and lose all hope.


You can choose to say "This is how it is right now... and that's okay", then move on and let it be.

There is hope in that.

Laughing in the face of difficult things make those difficult things seem smaller and less likely to bite.

You can still laugh - even when your sadness is almost overwhelming. Life IS shit sometimes - we can't change that by being morose about it.

But ... if we choose to let it be and understand that it was JUST a moment - a blink of a cosmic eye - then we will tread lighter and more joyfully on this planet.

There a many moments to a great life. Sadness makes up some of them and laughter the rest. In between can be morbid obsessions, crazy loves, stupid lies, silly dreams, fantastic friendships, extraordinary scenery, isolation, elation, wonder and magic!

- it all makes for a LIFE not a sentence of misery. The less it is about you, the more likely you'll find yourself having a good time. :)

Choose your thoughts!

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