Friday, April 21, 2006

Propehetess of the blogosphere...

Sarah Hepola
is my new heroine of writers and writing!

....Thus the blog that I started, thinking no one would read it and secretly hoping they would. The blog was the perfect bluff for a self-conscious writer like me who yearned for the spotlight and then squinted in its glare. When I needed to pretend that people were reading, I could. When I needed to pretend that nobody was reading, I could.

Wow! I am in awe! What a feast of pithy wisdom this is! I identify with this so much it almost hurts.

... btw Sarah,

....when the word blog was still something you had to ease into conversation, like an obscure scientific term.

That conversation still happens! If I had a cent for every time someone looked at me blankly at the mention of the word "blog"!!! Yiiyiiiiyiii! I'd have more christmas spending money than I'd know what to do with! :D

In the meantime...I'm baby steps in the writing arena (I've been baby-steps on the whole writing thing for too many years), so I shall labour over this more immediate form, called "blog", for now just because it IS so satisfying. Hey! I need all the practise I can get anyway so I might as well do it in here where it feels cosy and possible!

But I note your words Ms Hepola and have taken heed! Ask me in 5 years if I still agree! :)


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