Saturday, April 22, 2006

Knowing the heart of things.

Millions of people around the world are "into" looking deep into life, things, other people!

We seem to have this fascination and desire to want to know, to be "in the know" and to understand how it all fits together. It's as if we seek understanding beyond mere immediate facts but also try to gain some kind of coherence in processing that information. To make it all make relevance and sense to us is what is quintessential to making us human.

Does this then make my genius less unique than I first thought!

I don't think so. The odds on the surface of things might suggest that it would be nearly impossible to have so many billions and billions of people born throughout history and not have at least TWO people with an identical genius name!

But then again, maybe not! It's a moot point! It could never be proved either way. For all anyone knows, my genius "double" could have lived sometime in the early half of the first millenium which would make a rather interesting project if you had a time machine and a very nice computer!

So, despite the fact that I think we are all more alike than we like to think of ourselves, it's in the interpretation of our alikeness that makes us each so different.

When we get to knowing intimately what is at the heart of ourselves, process that information through the filter of a multitude of external factors, bringing coherence and logical reason to bear upon it, do we find profound uniqueness in our being here.

The strange thing about people is that at their core, they want to belong and be identified with. By the same token they want to express their individual selves in a coherent and distinctive way to ensure that they are not the same as everyone else. It's a strange dichotomy of the human journey.

Self Identity vs Group Identification

I identify with people who are "like" me but I also feel more comfortable about myself when I contribute my uniqueness to that equation.

It makes for a more interesting life this way. If we all expressed our sameness the same way, there'd be a lot of very bored and disinterested people in the world - no colour, artistic expression, ideas or extenuating discussions worth having. I think that violent behaviour in groups is often marked by a tendency for group members to identify TOO closely with each other, negating all expression of individual uniqueness. We NEED to express our individuality in order to create harmony within our group context.

On the other hand: if we all didn't instinctively crave for the wisdom of crowds, through identifying with the sameness of each other, there'd be no family, no tribes, nations or boundaries to our being here! Rampant, unchecked individualism, it seems to me, leads to a rather pessimistic, perverse view of the world - all the colour becomes a rather muddy brown as a result.

So sameness is mixed together with uniqueness to create a wonderful truth about us as a people. We are all alike but each of us different. My constructing coherence may resonate with your own sense of felt "rightness" about your core process, but YOU will express it quite differently.

And that is as it should be. :)

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