Tuesday, March 15, 2011

2011 and then some.

In memory of the vast numbers of people who have lost their lives in a series of astonishing natural disasters within the first three months of the year.

2011 - and then some.

Two thousand and eleven:
the number of waves that hit the shores
of Life
on this small blue planet:
the number of lives that waved
the number of questions that
churned in the minds of
the living:
the number of answers that
will forever remain
Two thousand and eleven
wings on which prayers
will be hung.
Ten fold and then some,
will my tears wet these tattered grounds
as I pray.
Two thousand and eleven
litres of wet,
soaking our droughts
of yesterday like old dishcloths,
gloppy and fouled.
Two thousand and eleven
YouTube videos -
drawing pictures in miniature
of these lives;
tearing up screens
into which the informed helpless peer.
So sad,
so afraid,
so critical
are our souls as
two thousand and eleven -
ten fold,
and then some -
stay missing forever
at the threshold of the
Age of the Water Bearer.
March 2011

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