Sunday, July 11, 2010

The music is gathering

It's taking me ages but I'm slowly getting heaps of old CD's back into iTunes again.

I had all the CD's from the family collection in my old hard-drive. Sadly, that HD crashed and burned along with all the music about two years ago. I've finally gotten around to adding the music to this current HD in my beloved MacBook.

The bonus of being able to share favourite music with dear friends via dropbox has also added lots of depth and variety to my listening selection.

Methinks though I'm due for another back up session :) to find the external hard-drive and save all the recent stuff.


Petermcc said...

Hah. I have just finished restoring my movie collection to a new 1 TB hard disk. It was half full when I kicked it off the desk and it could not recover.

Wasted about 2 weeks getting it sorted again.

Michelle said...

Oh eh! Movies??? My gosh! If I started collecting and storing movies as well as music - my Mac would probably grow legs and walk off. That would make me very sad - I'm quite fond of the old girl :)