Friday, March 19, 2010

My feet hurt!

Forget achy breaky hearts... let's try achy breaky feet shall we?

Feet that have stood too long.

Feet that have walked too far.

Feet that have been - it seems - forgotten during sedentary jobs.

Feet that get hot and bothered.

Feet that aim for comfortable shoes but which never quite manage that task.

Feet that hurt.

Feet that throb and throb so violently, if it were a noise, it would be the sound of a kettle drum pounding directly into your ears.

Feet that sing - loudly - all by themselves like Brynhildr does in a Wagnerian opera!

Feet that kill, thrusting spears of hot molten core straight up the shin bone and into the knees.

Feet that will allow you to stand but only if you are still enough that they stop throbbing and go completely numb.

Feet that blow up, so that it looks like you have bubbles on the ends of your legs.

My gosh!  One finally feels their feet when their feet feel.... everything!

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