Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Indian cooking: a symphony for the nose

A new Indian restaurant is opening today just a few doors down from my workplace.  The smells emanating from their kitchen today, drove my salivary glands giddy with desire and my belly with hunger.

I've thankfully, refrained for now from indulging in the massive range of delicacies on offer.  I'm sure this won't last long!  Goodness knows how many kilojoules of wonderment await in this den of culinary vice!

Indian food!

There is truly a symphony of gastric song in just the words alone.  Nuanced spices structuring basic ingredients to culinary heights of gastronomic beauty; basic ingredients, such as rice, chicken, vegetables and fish steaming with fragrant possibilities for the palate! 

The heart - and the belly - crave the promise of such a siren's song to the nose!

There is no other international cuisine quite like the scents and flavours of Indian food.  It is a law unto itself.  Not all Indian food is spicy hot of course.  Even so, the piquant blending of selected spices, herbs and condiments adds notes to food just as music adds notes to sound, morphing them into pleasantries for the senses and the soul.

I can't wait to sample the food at our new Indian Restaurant!  If the smells coming from there today are anything to go by  - the food promises to be utterly divine.  Today however, I shall have to be a gastronomic Odysseus and tie myself to a dietary mast in order to listen with my nose but make my body wait for this wicked but potentially satisfying grace. 

Such sweetly fragrant agony!

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