Friday, February 26, 2010

the email test blog

I'm actually writing this from within my email account.   Bizarre but true!  If it actually works it may yet revolutionise the way I blog!  For the past four years, I've conscientiously gone directly inside in order to record my impressions, thoughts and creative ideas.  I'm always up for a trick if it makes life easier and in the past year, writing in blogger has succumbed to a malady mainly called "Can't be bothered!".

I still yearn for my blog.  I still want to write in it and express myself within its hallowed virtual  halls.  It's just been too tedious a process to open a blank page and begin writing.  Yet, from my email account, where writing is almost as natural as breathing for me, I might perhaps find the wherewithal again to bare my soul and aMuse my "Genius" in the cosy glow of blogger's footlights.

Let's test this puppy out and see if the possibilities are there!


Matt Stevens said...

It works!!

Michelle said...

yep! *grin* that it surely does! And g'day Matt! Didn't expect you to continue reading! *bounce* How lovely! :) That might be worth a spin of "Burning Beds" *grin*. Thanks mate :)

Petermcc said...

I've been using Microsoft Writer (a freebie)for Wordpress based blogging. Sadly it doesn't recognise the Vox standard which has its moments with font changes, but it's a breeze on WP.

With a couple of neat addins it now handles graphics and word wrapping and Embedding YouTube clips.

It even makes Vox posting easier if I'm posting to more than one blog. The cut n paste (minus the graphic) at least gives a consistent font.

Looking forward to seeing you post more regularly.