Sunday, January 17, 2010

the ubiquitous resurgence of emotional turbidity

Cloudy. Cloudy thoughts like those kinds of clouds raging across an unsettled sky. The questions are the clouds.

What is actually necessary? What is actually required? What is beneficial?

I "know" idealistically what I want but what I want may not be what is beautiful or perfect or desirable over the long haul.

The answers are feint; hidden as they are behind impenetrable mists of confusing needs and wants, idealistic propensities and zealous pragmatism.

There are times when my desire to know the future and its promises, becomes an intractable and unwieldy yoke. This may be one of those times when I probably could allow the question clouds maelstrom their way across my Thought Sky, without wishing for those answers to upset the swirly chaos.

Perhaps in the interests of simple Experience, its time to allow my questions to remain unanswered and be unfettered by fears of an impossible-to-know future and simply enjoy the ride.

Welcome romance...eschew what if's....

....simply enjoy the ride.


Paul said...

We're not particularly good at seeing the future. Might as well go for the ride and enjoy the thrills!

Paul said...

We're not particularly good at seeing the future. You might as well just go for the ride, and enjoy the thrills!