Monday, March 09, 2009

The Quest

All human beings are on a Quest once we are born.

As children we instinctively, but without being able to form that instinct into words, know what it is we are here to achieve or simply do. In the mire of social responsibility and in the encouraged internment of our fantastic and "silly" dreams, some of us lose this knowledge and wander aimlessly seeking that which is our purpose.

Not so much a Quest, as a living death sighing about the past and fearful of any kind of future.

The blessed few who discover their life's work for which they have been created - their Personal Legend - go through a series of stages on a Quest of a different kind. The challenges on that journey test their level of commitment, courage, fortitude and the strength of their desire and will to achieve the end result - a treasure of great value.

The intrinsic worth of the treasure isn't the point of this Quest. What makes the treasure so worth everything is what you learn along the way to finding it. In fact, in Paulo Coelho's 'The Alchemist' - you cannot ever hope to find the treasure you seek unless you travel through the obstacles and learn what you need to learn along the way. One thing leads to another, leads to another and it is a matter of accepting and listening and heeding the signs as they build upon one another.

How do we find our Personal Legend - the one thing we are put here to do against all the odds?

Ask your heart. It has always known what it wants. It's the thing you have dreamed about and wanted since you were a child. Want it - with all your heart - and the Universe will do everything in its power to make it yours. For when you are living what you are meant to be and do, you benefit all of creation throughout time and the Gift cannot be wasted.

I may be a bit late on the uptake but reading Paulo Coelho's The Alchemist yesterday in one sitting, was a profound experience that I can't shake off as mere cute new-age mumbo-jumbo. This small story is a modern fairy-tale containing truths of unmistakable human significance. Wisdom borne of experience and distilled in the fires of Love.

Thank you Mr Coelho for your gift.

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