Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Creating something that lasts

Steve has written one of his usual counter-culture blog posts on the nature of work and how we can approach it - or not.

I read this post this morning after I'd posted my own deeply disturbed (and perhaps disturbing) feelings today on being long-term unemployed. I strive after paid work because it's what I know and understand. Steve's approach is so alien to my thinking and style it leaves me gasping!

Of course, the way he writes it makes it sound so easy! "Just" create something of value and deliver it!

I shake my head in abject confusion.

I STILL don't know what it is I'm actually good at! I still don't really know what my passion, and what I truly love to do, is, apart from writing here in this rather pitiful forum. I am at a complete loss as to what I really want to do with this life I've been given.

Create something of value huh? What the hell would that be perchance?

My head has been spinning with this conundrum all afternoon. Maybe I'm over thinking it perhaps. There is definitely something amiss in how I am approaching all this career stuff of late.

I shall find my way... my machete is hacking away at this forest of confusion and lack of direction to make a path of some kind. Thing is...I think I currently can't think far enough outside of this jungle to make sense of trying things I've never tried before let alone thought about!

If only there was a clear sign I could see ahead that I can cross-reference against a map! Do I even have the map up the right way though? Today it seems like it's in a foreign language.

Create and Deliver Value!

Who am I? What am I here for? Where am I going? Why? And who for? Do they even care? Do I?

It's supposed to be easier than this yeah Steve? "Just" do what I love and let the money come? Right! Right!

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