Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter 2008

My sis observed that I seemed a little "out of touch" today.

I guess I am.

I have my head elsewhere as per usual. I don't have to think about work and I don't have to think too much about housework and washing. I am in La-La Land. Thing is I don't apparently seem all that happy being there from my external demeanour. I will get over it, whatever "It" is, I guess.

The itchy hive rash on my arms and legs is getting to me though. I am trying my best to be a bit cautious about what I eat. It is an allergic reaction to "something" but I cannot pinpoint what it would be right now. I shall have to go into a solid detox diet out of necessity once we are home in order to get this rash under control. The heat seems to exacerbate it too. When my arms are cool, it isn't nearly so bad.

We managed to make it to church about 10 minutes before the end of the service this morning. My sis was convinced that the service started at 10am when in fact she was looking at the time for the Palmerston service - a good 25 minute drive away. The city service started at 9am! hahahaha I did feel a bit odd barging in on communion at such a late stage but oh well... this is Easter Sunday morning and surprises go with the territory! Literally!

After church we went and did that other Aussie Religious Passtime and went shopping!

Yes! We went to Casuarina Square shopping Centre to escape the oppressive heat and humidity and chill out in air conditioned Consumer Paradise.

We ate food, we drank liquids, chilled to within an inch of full condensation and then browsed the multitudes of branded businesses, one can find nearly all over Australia - quite possibly the world!

My kids loved it of course and were endowed with purchases from both me and their Aunty.

Even I succumbed to the bling and glitter of a jewellers store, finding some silver charms of Australian native animals, which are hard to come by otherwise. :) I also bought a very bright purple scarf on sale that can also act as a shawl on the plane. I didn't bring any jumpers or pullovers but now when I think about arriving back in Melbourne at 6am on Friday morning, I am assuming it could be just a little bit cool compared to what we are enduring at the moment. That shawl will prove handy I hope. :)

Finally we came back to my Sisters place here and veged out in front of the tele under the ceiling fans.

A lazy dazy afternoon. It's nice.

I think we head off to the beach to sit and watch the sunset as we eat our supper soon.

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