Saturday, May 05, 2007

I have a second life...

Things are getting hectic.

I haven't actually abandoned my old loves such as this blog. :)

But it seems that writing is taking a back seat somewhat to a new craze I have discovered. That of the Virtual World.

It's entertaining, somewhat addictive for the moment and really, really relaxing after a very busy day with work and family duties. Beats the TV hands down really for entertainment in the evenings :)

Thanks to the indomitable Vlad Spears for pointing this whole new world out. :)

I guess I'll see you when I'm over having fun flying over the terrain and finding places to explore. I'll be back writing soon enough but I shall have to chalk this next period of time up to Experiential Learning ;) Always handy for a writer that stuff! Haha!

(ps ... I might be back writing sooner than you think actually. This whole RL/SL dichotomy is oozing with blog fodder on which to muse. Stay tuned)


Alexys Fairfield said...

Hey Michelle,
Sounds like fun with a capital F.
I'll check out Second Life too soon. Thanks for the tip.

Michelle said...

I hope my avatar and yours bump into each other sometime soon Alexys :)

SL IS a lot of fun especially when you play inworld with people you know and care about. There are a lot of stupid identities in there too but hey...there's so much to see and do you don't need to hang around stupidity for very long.

See you inworld soon I hope. :)

EM Sky said...

By all means, have your fun. I'm all about fun! But if you start paying land taxes on imaginary property I'm going to fly over to the "southern continent" and kick your butt back into gear.

Write me a story, girl!