Tuesday, April 10, 2007

flies in the buttermilk...

Life is Good!

There are however some things I need to throw off my chest that are causing me some niggling angst.

1) I don't have time or inclination to write Stories right now. Ugh! It's getting me down. I long for that sweet zone where inclination and intention meet with Time Squared! To write stories that flow from my fingers and onto this screen with ease and sustained progress. Where time becomes a non-existent quantity, at once both slowing down and speeding up somewhere between the seconds and the hours. I think I was born to write... I just need SPACE across the spectrum of human identity; aka Physical, Emotional, Intellectual, Spiritual (a goodly dose of Psi would be nice too :))

2) I have a sinus infection that is clinging to my physical body like a leech. It should be gone by now...after nearly 4 weeks of treating it via non-traditional means. Alas it seems that a trip to a "Modern" Medico is now required to bring out the big artillary in germ warfare! Yes! I am suspecting anti-biotics! *sigh* I so wanted to avoid that but I cannot tolerate the lethargy, the head-pain and the sheer fatigue anymore. I whine! So deal! I am GRUMPY!

3) I haven't done any exercise for two weeks! Oh well... maybe I have walked once or twice but nothing really that could be called "Exercise". I miss moving my body.

4) I absolutely and completely must learn to love doing the Bookkeeping! :) Repeat after me: "I love Quickbooks Pro! I LOVE Quickbooks Pro!" *sigh* I do! Really! I do!

5) I miss Coke. Drinking it silly not that other stuff! I'm trying to clean out my body with a detox diet of sorts so I can heal from the various ailments I am currently suffering (see above). It means no caffiene for 14 days minimum! I'll get used to it although right NOW I'd really like to have that taste in my mouth! Ahhhh! I can dream.

So there you go.

Weeny, tiny little gripes of no real consequence to anyone but me. Life IS good at the moment and I have a lot to be happy about and to be grateful for. A whinge is boring if its held inside a rigid world view of depressing anxiety. These wee flies in my buttermilk above... are just that ...wee flies. They too will pass. Sometimes just saying them makes me feel a whole lot better though too.

Time for Bed! Bliss! :)


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Alexys Fairfield said...


Coke is a rust remover. That stuff will KILL you!

Try wheat grass, it does magic. Provides everything your body needs. It may even do Quickbooks too.

Sending love and healing hugs.

Take care now.