Saturday, April 14, 2007

best laid plans..

Well! I had good intentions today.

I had this big list of things to do while my wee family went off to Melbourne to the footy.

Included in my lovely list of things to do was a big chunk of time devoted to writing! I didn't particulary care what I wrote really so long as it was something "Story-ish".

So what have I done?

Everything on that list BUT writing something "Story-ish" - and this blog post doesn't count in that equation.

So why didn't I spend my day of blissful solitude cosied up to this computer and cracking out some words?

I guess I am just not in that zone right now. Other tasks got done and I even spent a lot of down-time too doing recreational things - I just didn't really do any writing. It felt like procrastination too, like I didn't really want to put the effort into doing it. And yet... I love to write! I love being able to sit down here and churn out word after word that builds into some kind of coherent whole. It just felt like I "had to" today because I promised myself it was the perfect opportunity.

Because I applied that "Have to at all costs" label to doing some creative writing today, it suddenly lost its appeal. It became an expectation and perhaps like a performing seal, I couldn't get interested until I could smell the fishy rewards!

So moral of this story for me... whenever I think there is a good time coming to write, focus on the benefits at the end of writing rather than trying to build up the desire to begin writing. All else is just go with da flow :)


fruitbat said...

Hahahaha :)
Welcome to my neck of the world. It is the 'should'.... it's a real flow stopper. The wirld 'should' should be avoided at all costs :)

Belle said...

I know the feeling! I've been working lately on the premise of "inspired action" - something that all the writing how-tos tell you NOT to do - but discipline and I just don't cooperate very well. I find I will actually sit down to write if I'm not feeling like I have to.

I'm very glad to have found your blog!

Michelle said...

Hi fruitbat: Yeah! that little word "should"! So boring to have to "should" something huh? wink*

hello belle! I am very honoured that you found my blog. Thanks for your comment. I like that idea of "inspired action" and I am still chuckling over your comment about discipline! :)